Dance Studio

Level 1 Ballet

This a class for dancers ages 7+ focusing on classical ballet technique based on the American Ballet Theatre's National Training Curriculum.

Evaluation by the director is required for class placement.

  • Class is held 2 days per week for 1 hour each day. One of these classes is virtual, the other is your choice of virtual or in-person.

  • Tuition is $95 per month fully virtual or $100 for virtual and in-person class, or $20 per class if you cannot make the monthly commitment.

*There is a yearly registration fee - $35 for new students and $25 for returning students.*​

The required dance attire can be purchased by following the link below. **Please be sure to select LEVEL 1 BALLET DRESS CODE at the top of the page.**

>>Don't forget to enter our code 112490 at check out for an extra discount!<<

  • Girls - Lavender leotard, white alignment belt, pink tights, and pink ballet slippers. The hair must be neatly tied in a ballet bun behind the head. No jewelry, with the exception of small and non-dangling earrings.

  • Boys - White fitted short sleeved shirt, black dance tights, and black ballet slippers. No jewelry, with the exception of small and non-dangling earrings.