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Zumba Kids

Ages 7-11

Grab your friends and move like one one's watching! This is the dance-fitness party where we play it loud and rock with friends to our own rules.

  • Class is held 1 day per week on Thursday's from 6:30-7:30pm.

  • Tuition is $55 per month, or $15 if you cannot make the monthly commitment.

*There is a yearly registration fee - $30 for new students and $20 for returning students.*​

Dancers may wear any clothes that allows for movement and is comfortable. Closed shoes are a must, preferably sneakers. If you would like to purchase Zumba brand attire for your child, please visit the Zumba Wear Junior page here. Be sure to enter code PATTY17 at checkout for an extra discount!

The attire needs to be age appropriate. For example: no booty shorts, sports bra exposing the stomach area, showing lots of cleavage, etc.

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