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Class Prices Kids



1x / week

Choose 1 hour a week for any of the classes.




2x/ week

Choose 2 hours a week for any classes




3x/ week

Choose 3 hours a week for any of the classes



Drop In


Come any time for a drop in single class




30 minute

Work 1-1 with the lead teacher.




60 minutes

Work 1-1 with the lead teacher. 



Registration Fee

$30 per student for the school year.

Registration fees are not refundable with the exception of preschool students who are determined to be unready for dance and may receive a credit for the following season.

Tuition and Expense Policy

Full monthly tuition is due by the 1st class of each month.

You can choose to be on autopay and will be billed a 3% credit card fee. 

We accept the following type of payments:

  • Cash - Please ask for a receipt at time of payment.

  • Credit/debit cards - A 3% credit card processing fee will be charged for card payments.

  • Checks - Please write your child’s name in the memo portion if paying with check.

  • Direct transfer with your bank's Zelle or Cash App


Note that there will be a late fee of $15 for any payments received after the 15th of the month. It is your responsibility to submit payment on time to avoid the late fees. If tuition is not paid by the end of the month, your child will be withdrawn from his/her classes until payment is received.


Please note: Tuition amounts are the same every month regardless of how many weeks are in a given month.

Additional Fees

Tuition does NOT include the registration fee, dancewear, shoes, costumes, recital tickets, private lessons, or special events. Please visit the Dance Attire page for more details regarding the required dance attire.

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